Driving Lessons Movie


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Driving lessons Synopsis

Driving lessons is a coming of age story about a shy teenage boy (Grint) trying to escape from the influence of his domineering mother. His world changes when he begins to work for a retired actress. Teenage Ben lives a sheltered life thanks to his over protective mother (Laura Linney) and a weak-willed father (Nicholas Farrell). The youth takes a summer job as the assistant to Evie Walton (Julie Walters), an aging actress. At first the job seems simple, but then Evie presses Ben into service as her chauffeur, even though he lacks a driving licence. Ben must take the first step into adulthood taking driving lessons, and learns how to have fun along the way. The pair set off on a road trip to Edinburgh despite the fact that Ben has never driven before and has no dual controls. Along the way, the riotous Evie introduces the youngster to life’s excesses whilst he, in return, teaches her a few basic manners.


Cast of driving lessons movie

Rupert Grint Rupert Grint … Ben
Fay Cohen Fay Cohen … Old Lady 1
Ruby Mortlock Ruby Mortlock … Old Lady 2
Don Wetherhead Don Wetherhead … Old Man
Laura Linney Laura Linney … Laura
Oliver Milburn Oliver Milburn … Peter
Tamsin Egerton Tamsin Egerton … Sarah
Nicholas Farrell Nicholas Farrell … Robert
Jim Norton Jim Norton … Mr. Fincham
Julie Walters Julie Walters … Evie
Chandra Ruegg Chandra Ruegg … Chandra
Ricky Champ Ricky Champ … Tough Looking Man
Rupert Holliday-Evans Rupert Holliday-Evans … Store Manager (as Rupert Holiday Evans)
Harriet Brock Harriet Brock … Child at Campsite
James Brock James Brock … Child at Campsite
Stanley Brock Stanley Brock … Child at Campsite
Michelle Duncan Michelle Duncan … Bryony
Jordan Young Jordan Young … Receptionist
John Yule John Yule … Hotel Manager
Jacques Kerr Jacques Kerr … Waiter
Rose Keegan Rose Keegan … Emma Pagent
Iain McColl Iain McColl … Policeman
Annabelle Apsion Annabelle Apsion … Trendy Mum



“Basically what can go wrong in a film with Julie Walters relishing a role so different to her usual fare as an aging actress in need of companionship. Enter Rupert Grint as the reserved, traumatized boy living in a household where father (the vicar) and mum have a frozen relationship, and mum is taken with the new dynamic young vicar. And the driving lessons – at first an alibi for mum to meet her new flame secretly – become a road trip with Ben (Grint’s part) driving his new acquaintance to Edinburgh for a public appearance. And then it all goes haywire! Dame Edith has a public breakdown, Ben a public humiliation. But there is hope in the end, and the actress comes through for Ben and rescues him from mum’s clutches.

There are moments of humour, some truly touching scenes, some painful moments from the cast playing Ben’s family. You really feel for Ben and the chaos he lives with. “


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