“The Queen” Reviews


January 6, 2011 by admin

Director Stephen Frears’ The Queen offers an incisive and utterly persuasive glimpse behind the scenes of recent history. The title role is Elizabeth II, played by Helen Mirren, and the movie covers the week in 1997 after the unexpected death of Princess Diana in Paris. – Jim Lane

Mirren conjures Elizabeth as an identifiable flesh-and-blood wife, mother, grandmother, and woman with a job to do. She also conveys the importance — and the majesty, unaffected by political fashion — of the institutional Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor, Head of the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith, a living embodiment of her empire’s proud history. – Liza Schwarzbaum

Stephen Frears’ marvelous film “The Queen” gets it right because it puts aside satirical broadsides in favor of a psychologically precise look at the behavior of Britain’s royal family in the week between Princess Diana’s fatal car crash and funeral – Glenn Whipp

Sure, it looks like an afternoon watching paint dry, but “The Queen” is a striking portrait of waning power and the grind of the publicity machine. Lead by a stunning performance from Helen Mirren, the film is a tightly-wound drama that sheds new light on the death of Princess Diana – Brian Orndorf

Although the global outpouring of grief over the death of Princess Diana has since been overshadowed and surpassed by unimaginable events, “The Queen” reminds us that Diana’s appeal was as the romantic counterpoint to an atrophied institution – Duane Dudek


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