The King’s Daughter


February 18, 2011 by admin

Very much in the ilk of Philippa Gregory, Christie Dickason has taken an historical royal figure and woven a story based on historical events.

The Kings daughter is about Elizabeth, daughter of James I of England, successor to Queen Elizabeth I. The novel opens with the attempted kidnap of Elizabeth as part of the plot to blow up parliament and assasinate the king and his oldest son Henry as part of the Guy Fawkes plot. The novel continues through her early years, depicting a princess, loved by her brother Henry who died before coming to the throne, but feared by her father who is less than popular and fears that she may be the focus of further treason.

The story also features an entirely fictional character who becomes Elizabeth’s confidante – Tallie an African girl who was brought up in the flesh pots of Soutwark. Tallie becomes her spy in trying to find out her father’s intentions, particularly as to who he intends to marry her to.


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