Stephen Frears – Director


December 17, 2010 by admin

Stephen Frears has had a number of succesful films both in The UK and in Hollywood. His early film for Channel 4 in 1985 – My Beautiful Laundarette is a very British film which brought him considerable critical acclaim. Subsequent films Prick Up Your Ears and Samie and Rosie Get Laid enhanced his critical reputation.

Frears’ first Hollywood film was Dangerous Liaisons starring Glenn Close which brought him to a wider audience and which film earned a mumber of award nominations. Since then he has directed The Hi-Lo Country (1998), High Fidelity (2000) – Nick Hornby’s novel, disappointingly adapted from London to Chicago – and Dirty Pretty Things (2003)

Working for TV his direction of The Deal featuring the political carve up of the Labour Party by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown was a precursor to his involvement with The Queen


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