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January 31, 2011 by admin

The image of The Queen is known all over the world. But, if someone asked you about the Queen’s life would you be able to give an interesting and correct summary of the life of our monarch? Well after reading this short article you will be a pro!

The Queen’s second birthday

Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, was born on 21st April in 1926, however she does not publically celebrate her birthday on this day. Her birthday actually celebrated on the second Saturday in June every single year and the day is known as ‘The Trooping of the Colour’, but it is officially known as ‘The Queen’s Birthday Parade’. }

Head of State

The Queen is a ‘constitutional monarch’ which means that although she is the Head of State, the country is actually run by the government. But, she is the Queen to no less than 16 former British colonies including the likes of Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
As the Head of State, the Queen goes on official visits abroad, invites other world leaders to the UK where they typically stay at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey or Holyroodhouse located in Edinburgh.

Prince Philip

Although the Queen is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, he is not a King. This is because in the British Monarchy, the husband to a female monarch is not recognised as having an special status at all. Although Philip was a prince from birth he was granted the title of ‘Prince of the United Kingdom’ by the Queen in 1957.

The Queen’s surname
It is not normal for the Queen to use a surname, for example she does not own a passport or a driving license. But on the odd occasion when she is required to do so the name ‘Windsor’ is used.
The surname of the British royal family was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but this was changed to Windsor in 1917. This was due to the rife anti-German attitude of the public after World War One broke out in 1914. King George V rejected all the German titles that belonged to himself and his family and so took the name of his castle, Windsor, instead.

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